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some used 10 liter tanks, no rust inside, less than 10years old.

2x Mares V16 proton with Seac Sub alternate airsource en pressure/depth gauge
1x Poseidon cyklon regulator with cyklon alterate air source

3x Seac sub jacket, Small, Medium, Large
Various Tusa bcj-2100 jackets, in good condition or with damages in bladder or bands. (inflator deflators are indestructible)

Dive lights
several Big Blue AL250 wide (3x penlite, 250 lumen)
several Big Blue CF250 narrow, adjustable beam (3x penlite, 250 lumen)

Wetsuits 3mm
have to check

Wetsuits 5mm
3x Seac Sub long john with hooded jacket, size S, M, L
2x vintage , small-medium and medium-large

Wetsuits 7mm
a range of Cressi Orata hooded overall semi dry suits from 25 euro each.

Olympus uTough 3m waterproof: 20 euro

Masks and snorkel
Wide range of new and second hand


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